State of the Union Call with Paul Rogers
Please join me tomorrow night on the regularly scheduled CieAura Ladies call as I discuss all the exciting things happening right now! This "State of the Union" will cover many areas including the growth and strategy of CieAura, current CieAura promotions and the introduction to our sister company iRestore. [more]

Enhance BOGO

Top Ten Bonus
Each month you have the ability to earn an extra $500 through our Top 10 Monthly Bonus, and it's pretty simple too! This is IN ADDITION to any other commissions that you earn! Learn how after the jump. [more]

Enhance - The Feel Good Chip
Have You Tried Enhance For Him and Her? See What Some Of Our Retailers Have To Say About It! [more]

Earn A Samsung Tablet!
Earn a Samsung tablet by growing your CieAura Business. Get all the details after the jump! [more]

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Monday Leadership Call 8:00PM CST
Tuesday Opportunity Call 8:00PM CST
Wednesday Product Call 8:00PM CST
Thursday Ladies Call 8:00PM CST
Saturday Coaching Call 12:00PM CST
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