December 19, 2014


Paul Rogers Dear CieAura Family,


Join me in welcoming Mr. George Baylor to the Presidential Advisory Council. Mr. Baylor has been with CieAura for over 4 years and is committed now more than ever to the vision of CieAura Energy Evolved.  


George has achieved the rank of Diamond in the CieAura compensation plan and received the Circle of Excellence award. He is diligent at introducing the business to people having personally sponsored over 100 Retailers into CieAura. George brings a wealth of traditional as well as network marketing business knowledge to the PAC and will prove to be an invaluable resource for the entire field and company. George displays one of the best attitudes I have ever seen and is always willing to do whatever it takes to help others - truly a servant leader!

Welcome Mr. Baylor!
Paul Rogers

Timing is critical in every opportunity we face......


In 2009, I was invited to participate in a Business Opportunity called CieAura. Being new to CieAura and not knowing how to build it, I plugged into CieAura's Support System listening to conference calls, attending Presentation and Training meetings, and following the recommendations of Corporate and Retailer Leadership. In a short time, I experienced early success and achieved a significant return on my initial investment.


CieAura is the right means for helping achieve my purpose to help people have a much better life and have a more secure financial situation.  Using the products personally has allowed me to enjoy a much healthier and comfortable lifestyle. I have more energy, focus, relief of stress, a balanced mental attitude, and a better night's rest. I love to introduce the products and "chip up" people.  I just have fun giving the chips away and watch the chips sell themselves; they are just that good.  The testimonials from people using the products are phenomenal.  It is inspiring to see how so many of my family, friends, doctors, business owners, teammate partners, and former athletes and Hall of Fame sports stars who are being helped by the products.  As more people are using the "chips", we have more and more success stories to be shared. 


CieAura has given me the opportunity to build global partnerships and friendships, previously not thought possible, in such countries as England, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Australia, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Brasil, Columbia, Peru, Panama, Honduras, and Mexico.


One of my personal goals after I became a Retailer with CieAura was to serve as a Member of the Presidential Advisory Council. I have always appreciated the dedication and hard work of the PAC Team. Now, I am both humbled and honored to become a Member of PAC. With the many new positive enhancements to the CieAura Business Opportunity and with the Corporate Vision and Leadership, I am more excited than ever about the future of CieAura and its Energy Evolve.


CieAura truly has been a Life Saver, a Life Changer, and a Life Maker for many people especially me as CieAura truly IS the Right Company, the Right Product, and the Right Investment at the Right Time.....!!



Mr. George Baylor 



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