December 3, 2014

Paul Rogers  


Reflections on the Past Year



Dear CieAura Family,


I wanted to say how thankful I am to everyone that worked so hard to make 2014 a great year! In this note I wanted to share my reflections on the past year and also a look ahead at 2015.


First, 2014 has been an historic time for all of us here at CieAura. Of course, at the top of the list was the introduction of the newly designed holographic chips by our Chief Science Officer, Melissa Rogers. Our goal was simple, yet challenging - create new chips that were significantly stronger and more effective than the old chips, while improving the adhesive so that the chips weren't falling off after a few hours of use!

After a year of hard work, we were successful and delivered on that promise! This was not an easy transition for anyone as YOU had to endure back orders and delays for many weeks waiting for the release of the new chips- as the saying is darkest before the dawn! I am very thankful for the perseverance you all have displayed and I am honored to be working WITH and FOR each of you that have held fast to the vision. I have no doubt that YOU will be richly rewarded in the coming months and years ahead!


Our goals for 2015 are aggressive, yet reachable as we work to set new standards of growth and profitability for the Retailers and the company!

To create this growth, we will remain focused on our core markets in 2015 - United States, Taiwan and the Greater China Region, Brazil and the rebirth of Europe. Also, we are discussing the reopening of Mexico, however, this has not been finalized as of yet.   


We are planning to introduce NEW holographic chips in 2015, but this will only take place after we reestablish the sales volume of our existing product line of chips! In addition to new chips, we will also introduce a new line of adjustable CX2 bands!  We are also expecting significant growth due to the introduction of the machine that validates the effectiveness of the CieAura Holographic Chips! This is a significant differentiator for our products, as I am not aware of any other Network Marketing Company with the ability to validate their product within minutes of its use! Hundreds of people in Taiwan and the United States have gone through the brief scan with our new machine and have seen the positive results of our chips first hand! This process allows us to validate and quantify the effectiveness of our chips - demonstrating Energy Evolved! 


With the close of this year, I am also pleased to announce that Dr. Longmire has agreed to oversee the newly formed Medical Advisory Board, as we rebuild this important institution. We are honored to have Dr. Longmire as the lead Medical Advisory Board Member, but he also is an admired, successful leader of CieAura, that brings a well-respected history as a revered MD in the Houston area for the last 50 years!  


So stay with me, we have improved our products, demonstrating to you that they work in minutes and improved the compensation plan! Now, that is a successful year! 



Look Ahead

After many conversations with our global leaders, we have made the decision to increase the monthly CSV activity requirement from 30 CSV to 60 CSV starting in January 2015. This simply means, in order to stay active you need to generate 60 CSV a month by moving from two sleeves to three sleeves a month. Three sleeves would be approximately $75 and generate 60 points of CSV. This is well below the industry average of $140 a month for autoship requirements! Please keep in mind; you now have 14 chips in each sleeve, so you should have enough for personal use and a few to share to gather a preferred customer or two!



Continuing the Policies and Procedures conversation, we will also be strictly enforcing our policy regarding renewals. We realize that this year may have been challenging and we can empathize with you. However, we will be firm moving forward with our renewals with volume flushing seven (7) days after the renewal date expires. We obviously don't want anyone to lose his or her points, so we will use every means at our disposal to alert a retailer that they are approaching their renewal date! Please note that there is a timer in your Virtual Office that also alerts you of the upcoming date. If you ever have a question, then reach out to the support department for assistance and they will be glad to further assist you.  


Again, as we all look back and reflect on how much we accomplished together I think we can all be thankful for an amazing year! More importantly, this past year has set the foundation for massive growth in 2015. We are all here for a reason and we all have the ability to accomplish our goals and dreams with CieAura! So what are your goals? What will you do to make 2015 the year that changes your life and the fortunes of those on your team? Thank YOU for all that you have done and will do! You have been instrumental in the success of CieAura and together we will explode into the New Year with CieAura Energy Evolved.


Happy Holidays from the entire CieAura Family - be blessed!



Paul Rogers  






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