Help Us Raise Awareness for Breast Cancer
In recognition and support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, CieAura is dedicating a portion of all proceeds generated from the sale of Enhance! Enhance is called the "feel good" chip by the ever growing number of people that can't live without them! Now, with each sleeve of Enhance you will be making a difference as we all work to bring a end to breast cancer!

Energy Evolved Hits Houston!
Join CEO Paul Rogers, Director of Product Development Nicole Carter, and many Presidential Advisory Council Members in Houston on Saturday October 25th for this Energy Evolved event!

Energy Evolved is on the way to YOU
Special CieAura Announcement from our CEO Paul Rogers.

Energy Evolved Event in TAIPEI, TAIWAN
Join Special Guest Speakers CEO Paul Rogers, Director of Product Development Nicole Carter, Presidential Advisory Council Members John Taylor and Jeff Dunham along with Dr. Lin Cheng Hsien on September 28th in Taipei, Taiwan.

New PreOrder Packs Now Available
The Special pre-order packages are up in the order path for you and your prospects to purchase! We have also increased the amount of Power Team Points! See the new updates after the jump!

New CieAura Chips
CieAura CEO Paul Rogers has some exciting news about our Holographic Chips! Read all about it after the jump.

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