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Energy Evolved
Nicole Carter &
Special Guest Speaker
Dr. John Rice

The Energy Evolved Conference Call will feature Dr. John Rice. Director of Product Development Nicole Carter will host the call and introduce Dr. Rice to you.  


Dr. Rice is a Doctor Of Chiropractic and was licensed in the state of Texas in 1977. His family is full of Chiropractors which began with his father. Currently, he has 3 brothers practicing with 2 more on the way plus 5 cousins in Texas! Now, that is a family of Chiropractors with a strong conviction! 

Dr. Rice began studying Applied Kinesiology and muscle testing and was fortunate to work with an Olympic Team Chiropractor on athletes. He started seeing many professional and college athletes in his office, on the field or on the court. To name just a few, he saw U of H track star Carl Lewis, Leroy Burrell and 40-50 additional stars of track and field. This group alone has over 25 Olympic Medals!


Dr. Rice has also worked with the Houston Ballet for 15 years, the 

Houston Rockets Basketball along with the Astros Baseball and the Oilers Football. He considers these accomplishments as an amazing opportunity and also as a test, because during this time Chiropractors were not as common as they have become today.   

"After about 20 years of work studying this amazing human machine, I started to feel my patients high and low energy points and feeling how long to treat or massage the many acupuncture, other reflexes and trigger points", says Rice. Dr. Rice is now a big fan of the CieAura Energy Evolved revolutionary products, he uses them daily on himself, his family, staff and patients. The new field of Energy Medicine is so new and exciting. He wants to be on the cutting edge of technology and right in the middle of it! 


Join us to hear so much more from several years of first-hand experience and how Dr. Rice is using our revolutionary holographic chips daily and how Energy Evolved can benefit you too!   

CieAura Energy Evolved Conference Call


8:00 PM CST / 9:00 PM EST / 6:00 PM PST


Number: 409.777.9255

Meeting ID: 81210#  


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